World Energy Council is looking for industry leaders to provide replies to a global survey on pressing energy issues

The World Energy Council cordially invites you to contribute your unique leadership perspective by taking part in the annual World Energy Issues Survey (watch the video for an overview).

This annual survey is an important and impartial global leadership tool that is used by our community in nearly 100 countries to support energy organisations of all shapes and sizes to exchange, inform and improve their understanding of the connected challenges in the global energy transition agenda.

Your contribution will help us deliver our mission to secure the benefits of better energy for all and in a way that enables new livelihoods and a healthy planet.  In return, we will share the global Issues Survey results with you in mid-January, followed by regional and national results in the beginning of March, alongside a series of additional segment analyses.

If you are interested in providing your reply, please contact, and you will receive a link to the questionnaire form.

On behalf of energy systems and users everywhere, thank you!