First Round of Future Energy Leaders Program in Finland took off – 26 young talents pitched unconventional energy scenarios at the kick-off event

The kick-off meeting of the first round of the Future Energy Leaders Finland  (FELF) program took place online in early March. The 26 new members of the program were initiated to the upcoming events by discussions and humorous pitches.

The FELF program aims at sharing expertise and best practices but also connecting people with different backgrounds. Through workshops, mentoring, and networking, the program also brings fresh perspectives to the industry, while simultaneously increasing the visibility and authority of its participants.

The Executive Committee, consisting of five enthusiastic young talents, had gathered background information on the expectations the first round of future leaders had for the upcoming program. These included adding pragmatism to the energy industry, personal growth, as well as swiftly addressing sustainability.

The significance of the network was laid out at the beginning of the evening. The Executive Director of WEC Finland spoke about future prospects and expectations around the network. He likened  the FELF to its international counterpart, the FEL-100, which operates under the World Energy Council. The Executive Director illustrated the potential of the network  by describing it as a virtuous cycle that reinforces itself, simultaneously expanding the member’s own expertise and network, but also strengthening the whole industry nationally and internationally.

After the scene was set and introductions had been done, the fun part began. In a quiz, the 26 future leaders were faced with gruesome questions stretching from Duckburg’s energy system to comparing the recent changes in GameStop stock price to fluctuating oil prices after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The participants, of which the majority are equipped with a technical degree, were put in a tough spot as they were asked to provide a pitch with only 10 minutes of preparation. The pitch, however, included a quirk. The idea was to come up with a bankable plan on how to utilize Hattifatteners, characters from Moomin, as energy storage.

Future leaders showed the first signs of their prominence by delivering three solid pitches. Rationale on how and why to utilize these used-sock-resembling fatteners ranged from seasonal storages to tactical energy production sites. Further, all pitches revolved around the view that through cooperation with the creatures, the energy industry doesn’t have to resort to battery mineral extraction.

The first workshop of the program will take place in the Spring of 2021. If you are interested in the network, sign up for WEC Finland’s newsletter, and you will receive news and information on the upcoming events and future application rounds.