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Come with us to shape the future of the Finnish energy sector! Future Energy Leaders (FEL) Finland is a program established in February 2021 for young energy experts who want to take the lead on the change.

Come with us to shape the future of the Finnish energy sector! Future Energy Leaders (FEL) Finland is a program established in February 2021 for young energy experts who want to take the lead on the change. The annual application period for new members starts on 15.12.2023 and ends on 14.01.2024. Apply now and seize the opportunity!

“FEL Finland gives unique opportunities for learning, mentoring, and networking in the energy sector in Finland. We have members from different companies and backrounds, and you can always reach out to someone who can provide advice. WEC Finland attracts great mentors with lots of experience in the Finnish energy sector.”

Mariana Carvalho, Sales Manager at ANDRITZ Oy, a member of FEL Finland 2021 

What is Future Energy Leaders Finland

Future Energy Leaders (FEL) is a program that connects young energy experts with diverse backgrounds. The program aims to bring new perspectives to the energy sector and support the members on their path to becoming Future Energy Leaders. Members participate in the program for one to three years. The program has over 30 active members, and new members are enrolled annually.

“I have found the FEL program to be an ample source of information and new knowledge to develop my professional skills. It has worked as a great way to get more energy industry connections and gain new experiences, from visiting hydrypower plants to participating in crisis communication workshops. It has above all, helped me become more involved with other emerging talents in the Finnish energy sector, which has aided me in my career.”

Carl-Emil Wickström, Public Affairs Advisor at Caruna, a member of FEL Finland since 2022 

The program’s main target is to interconnect young professionals in the energy sector with different backgrounds, bring fresh ideas to the energy sector, support career progress, and improve the participants’ leadership skills.  

What we are doing

The program’s main activities are workshops and mentoring, which enable sharing expertise, discussing solutions for challenges in the energy sector, and practising leadership skills. Discussions and group work are essential parts of the meetings. Thus, active participation is required to get the most out of the program. 

The programme activities are developed in cooperation with the program members. Mentoring starts during the first year of participating in the programme, and mentors are arranged for as many interested participants as possible. The activities are organised approximately once every two months as a live session or virtually, and the mentoring meetings are scheduled monthly for six months.

Who can apply to the FEL Finland program?

The applicant should be

  • Passionate about shaping the future of the energy sector
  • Graduated at least BSc in a pertinent field (for example, but not limited to economics, law, politics, natural science, engineering)
  • At least three years of work experience in the energy sector (can include part-time work and summer training)
  • Fluent English language skills
  • At most 35 years of age

We are building a diverse cohort of professionals. Thus, we hope for new program members with different backgrounds and from as many companies, universities, research centres and organisations as possible. Membership in the program is free of charge. The participants must handle their travelling costs if needed, but virtual participation is possible in most events. 

How to join

Apply for the FEL Finland program by 14.1.2024 by filling out the application form here. Describe your background in the application and why you are a future energy leader! All applicants will be informed about acceptance into the program after the application deadline. 

More information Paolo Frazzarin Paolo.Frazzari@neste.com

Apply now and join us!

FEL Finland operates under the World Energy Council (WEC) Finland. FEL Finland is managed by an executive committee consisting of 4-6 FEL members. They are responsible for planning and organising activities with the program members and reporting to WEC Finland. 

WEC Finland is the Finnish national member organisation of the World Energy Council and the leading cooperation and discussion platform in the Finnish energy sector. National programs for young professionals in many countries operate under WEC.